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Zithere Pano Pub - Mangochi

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After a hot and busy day not everyone will enjoy the constraining atmosphere of a luxury hotel. Some desire a less formal environment in the company of the like-minded.


Occasionally, visitors from other countries would like to savour local flavours. This category of traveller may find many of Malawi’s less salubrious settings somewhat intimidating.

On the road from Mangochi to Monkey Bay in the Maldeco area and not too far from the southern lakeshore’s two premier hotels, gleaming white walls and their message “Save Water. Drink Beer” - whilst perhaps not the most responsible exhortation - certainly tempt the thirsty traveller. To the Chichewa speaker the name alone - Zithere Pano - can be something of a mystery. “Let things end here”. Is it an invitation to finish a busy day within its brightly painted confines or does it mean that differences of opinion must end there and peace prevail among enemies? According to proprietor Victoria Kingstone, whatever happens within its confines must not go beyond the walls. No matter what indiscretions may be committed, no word should reach the outside world. Assured of discretion, the weary traveller can relax and follow his or her inclinations without fear of repercussions!



Above: Inside of Zithere pano

Within the walls, the clean and neatly maintained

premises display an ordered world but a world designed for pleasure. The pleasure of music.

The pleasure of a football game on the TV

over the bar shared by fans. A Nigerian

movie. Or live music and dancing in brightly decorated purpose-built areas. Food and very cool drinks are available,too.
And for those wanting an intimate moment there is the aptly named ‘Squeeze In Bar’ tucked away in a cozy corner - away from prying eyes and with little room to move far away from the companions you choose to squeeze in with.

And not to worry - the Tourism Department has declared itself happy with all that it has seen.The fastidious foreign tourist has no need to worry. No threat


The squeeze in bar (insert with two friends who did not mind being in the picture, thanks to them)


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