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As promised that we will bring different fun activities,we here now!!!!


Here is a simple word puzzle. You will find most of the answers from the website though some are general knowledge questions.


All answers should be emailed to: or


We will give prizes to the first three people to get all answers right. Winners will be announced next week.

If need arises you can right click the puzzle in your browser, then save as an image to your computer. You can then print the puzzle for easy allocation for the answers.



1. Malawi will be voting on the 20th…..2014? – (3)
2. The name Cape Maclear was given by Dr. David Livingstone in dedication to his friend an Astronomer, Sir Maclear in 1861. What was Sir Maclean’s first name – (6)
3. Write with it – (3)
5. Not in – (3)
8. Name of a famous tourism destination in southern shore of Lake Malawi in Traditional Authority Nankumba of Monkey bay - (11)
13. I - (2)
15. Which lodge within the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve is listed and advertising on the website – (7)
16. Honey maker – (3)
18. A new boat/ vessel started operating on the waters of Lake Malawi on the 25th of November 2013. The name starts with M.V. please give us the last name – (6)
19. People of Mangochi – (3)
20. How many National Parks does Malawi have (in words)? – (4)
21. How many areas is the “where to stay” on the accommodation section divided into?(4)
23. Lake Malawi has over a 1000 fish species. What is the name of the species – (8)
24. Travel Malawi Guide did an article on butterflies. Most pictures on the article were taken here in Malawi. Which cottage/ lodge were these pictures taken from – (7)
25. Four lettered district in the southern Region of Malawi – (4)
26. What is the traditional name we used to describe the “sweet beer” on our blog recipe? (6)
27. Who are the official car dealers for Nissan in Malawi (abbreviated)– (4)
28. Old Capital City of Malawi – (5)
29. Last district in the southern part of Malawi – (6)
30. Chembe water project was initiated by late owner of Gecko Lounge and Tuckaways. What was his full name – (8)



1. Which tour operator advertising on the website is located within the Golden Peacock Complex, Lilongwe- (13)
2. Pizza inn Lilongwe been offering a special on Tuesdays, you buy one and get one free? It is called Teriffic …………? (7)
4. Mbira is a restaurant at which Sunbird hotel/resort? – (7)
6. Malawi’s first president – (7)
7. Game reserve with the Big 5 in Chikwawa – (6)
8. Delicious Lake Malawi fish – (6)
9. What is the last name for the lodge called VILLAGE in cape Maclear – (5)
10. Liwonde National Park was named after which Traditional Authority – (7)
11. Mail replacing postal services – (5)
12. The highest mountain in southern Africa – (7)
14. Main export crop – (7)
17. International Distress call – (3)
22. Thank you in Chichewa – (6)






1. May

2. Thomas

3. Ink

5. Out

8. Cape Maclear

13. Me

15. Tongole

16. Bee

18. Mwande

19. Yao

20. Five

21. Four

23. Cichlids

24. Chipoka

25. Neno

26. Thobwa

27. CFAO

28. Zomba

29. Nsanje

30. Paul Kite




1. Malawian Style

2. Tuesday

4. Nkopola

6. Dr Banda

7. Majete

8. Chambo

9. Mango

10. Liwonde

11. Email

12. Mulanje

14. Tobacco

17. SOS

22. Zikomo




Congratulations to our two winners, Costance and Mayamiko. We had a total of 32

emails, a lot of people tried but did not get all the answers correct.


Ñhyøzýñ Côññìë - She was our first winner.



Our second winner; Mayamiko Chimbichimbi Kakhobwe



Watch the page for more fun games and competitions!!


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