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Dedza Pottery


Trade and Christianity were explorer David Livingstone’s weapons against the slave trade. Many of the products that he noted a hundred and fifty years ago are still manufactured throughout Malawi in the same manner although modern materials and trade have caused the death of some such as iron smelting, cotton spinning and weaving. Others such as pottery are being overtaken by modern factory-made items. Nevertheless, virtually every village will have its clay pots, mats made of split reed and palm leaves, harvest and winnowing baskets, brooms and wooden utensils. Many of these have migrated to the towns and are still used by most households as more suited daily tasks than their machine-made competitors



Dedza Mountain


Dedza is the highest town in Malawi and Dedza Mountain, reaching up to nearly 7,000 feet, forms the backdrop to Dedza Pottery. The slopes of the mountain are covered with a well-managed pine forest that supplies timber and firewood to a wide region. It is a beautiful and unspoilt environment in which to create, and great care is taken not to cause any environmental damage in the pottery operations.




Established in 1987 as a family business, Dedza Pottery has made use of locally sourced raw materials to create and develop an internationally recognised pottery business. The pottery establishment employs over 130 people and thus plays an important role in both the local community and in Malawi’s tourism industry. The pottery products that include handmade crockery, figurines, ovenware, house accessories such as lamp bases and vases are great souvenirs of Malawi and make beautiful pieces for hotels, restaurants and homes.

The pottery manufactures affordable and unique firebricks, semi-sheet roof tiles, and floor and wall tiles. These have distinguished durability and are ideal for building projects. The pottery offers product customisation and personalisation which is great when ordering gifts and makes a shopping trip to the pottery both an exclusive and exciting experience. Tours of the pottery, which cover the sourcing of raw materials to finished products, can be arranged.


























Some of the finished products


Contact Details


(+265) 0111 752 367; 0888 853 425


Pottery Courses in Nkhotakota

Located on the shores of Lake Malawi, Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge offers its guests a chance to both test and improve their potting and pottery decorating skills and learn about potting in Malawi. The pottery training workshop can be used for a few hours, two to three days, or two to three weeks depending on the type of course one chooses. The two to three week courses include an opportunity to meet and learn from local Malawian potters.  


As part of its area outreach programme, Nkhotakota Pottery plays a leading role in facilitating the building and running of Chankhasi School to support the local community.


Contact Details


(+265) 0884 581 098; 0999 380 105;;


However, the skills are still being practiced in other villages within Dedza district like Mayani Village.



A local woman in Mayani Village showing the Travel Malawi Guide team her skills

Our Travel Malawi Guide website team visited the village and was so amazed at how fast and efficient the local females start and finish the whole process.

It is a unique experience that should be sampled by all who visit Malawi. For more details please follow the link below:


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