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Malawi in pictures

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Cape Maclear

Photo Credit

Mamita Marcela Hassam



Sunset - Cape Maclear

Photo Credit - Nita Divalicious



Go and enjoy beautiful nature

and have a picnic at Namitete

Photo Credit - Angela Nkata





Malawi's delicious Chambo fish

Photo Credit - Loveness Msanide Daka




Sunrise - Cape Maclear

Photo Credit

Mamita Marcela Hassam




View off the deck looking down the valley

from Lukwe Eco Camp

Photo Credit - Chifundo Jean Khokwa



Trees + Sky + Clouds - Sometimes you look up

and see more than you thought you would

Photo Credit - Chim Chisiza



Monkey bay airfield in Mangochi

Photo Credit - Clem Kwizombe




Photo Credit - Dalie Nsena Chinansi




Alcon Cottage - Monkeybay

Photo Credit - Edwin Mshanga



Home view of Ndirande mountain, the mt

that separates Ndirande from machinjiri.

This view is from machinjiri side.

Home relaxation must be franked with

nature. Its a Rain season & green life is

bouncing back on the mountain. The breeze down its foot generates hope of the

nature packed beauty

Photo Credit - Ellina Mulli





My favourite spot khwekhwelele road

Photo Credit - Ethel Matupa



Bua River right in the heart of Nkhota-kota

Wild Reserve

Photo Credit - Farai Khonje



They call it a natural jacuzzi at forest hut

on my way up mulanje. A beautiful

stop over for cooling off

Photo Credit - Helen Mkandawire



A View of the Elephant rock from

chikangawa road between Mzimba

and Mzuzu road.Ive travelled on this road

so many times but i never got tired of

admiring its beauty each and every time

Photo Credit - Isabel S'thembiso Ackim



Mulanje Mountain view along

the Phalombe road!

Photo Credit - Louise Tendai Mugabe



Beautiful Majete Game reserve

Photo Credit - Lulu wa Man U




William Falls - Zomba

Photo Credit - Luntana Mwalwanda




Beautiful view of the Lake Malawi

Photo Credit - Ma Mononga




Chikala pillars - Zomba

Photo Credit - Miss Gloria




A beautiful sunset in Mulanje.

This photo was taken from one of the

gardens at Kara O'Mula which is situated

at the base of Mulanje Mountain in

the Southern region of the country.

Photo Credit - Naomi Hyacintha Phoya



Thanks to the rains I could run into a snail

Photo Credit - Peter Mandoloma Bodole



I challenge you to take a passenger train

and see the beauty of Malawi from the train ride...a rare unexplored opportunity

Photo Credit - Rocky Kaunda




Kande beach located in the Northern Region

of Malawi,Nkhatabay District is well known

for its breathe taking natural beauty view

of lake Malawi and its fresh waters.

Attracting thousand touritsts every year

kande its a must visit destination for every Malawian who would like to refresh from the usual environment. The beach is not only known for leisure but also its positive impact on the surrounding community enhancing the community based tourism(CBT) in the country. other activities includes horse riding,

scuba diving, swimming, beach soccer

and many more

Photo Credit - Roslyn Kumilamba




The Stunning Manchewe Falls in Livingstonia Rumphi is a must see, located in the northern part of Malawi where the nature is raw and untouched!
For you to get there you have to go via the famous Golodi road with 19 bends with spectacular views of Lake Malawi!

Photo Credit - Sam Salima Jnr




Somewhere near the peak of Soche Mountain

Photo Credit - Siti Charity




Golden sands - Lake Malawi

Photo Credit - Wekha Monica Jackson




Mulanje pools

Photo Credit - Annastasia Naphiyo















Beautiful Malawi through a lens - Part 1

 is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, formerly known as Nyasaland. Malawi is often called “The warm heart of Africa” for its warm, welcoming, colourful and friendly people. Malawi is bordered by Zambia to the Northwest, Tanzania to the Northeast and Mozambique on the East, South and West.


Malawi has a hot summer rainfall season from November to April so the best time to visit is during the drier winter months - early May to late October. Winter gets chilly high up on the northern Nyika Plateau but down on the shore of Lake Malawi you can expect warm, sunny and dry days - great beach weather.


Malawi is such a peaceful country, rich in so many ways. We have beautiful and friendly people, lovely scenery and landscapes, a full body of fresh water full of Cichlids.

Our Lake Malawi is the only lake in the world with a lot of species of the Cichlids. We have safaris in all our different parks and reserves, Mulanje mountain that has the Chambe Rock which is also good for the rock climb lovers and every year we have the porters race which is one event Malawi would also benefit from if promoted well.


Then comes the different cultures and their traditional dances...Wow..the list goes on and on.


Please do make Malawi one of the destinations for 2016.


Come experience it.


Enjoy this page as we take you through some beautiful pictures for our beautiful and peaceful country.





A beautiful scenery from Sangilo Sanctuary about 20 km north of Livingstonia.

Photo Credit - Peter Jason Makwana




Some of our own home grown produce,

something Malawi ‬ is very good at offering to locals!

Photo Credit - Amy Carroll



Beautiful Cape Maclear

Photo Credit - Mamita Marcela Hassam




Luke 12:27 "Consider the lilies, how they grow. They neither toil nor spin; but I tell you, not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these. 

I took this picture at club mak in one of the ponds. I love lilies......hint hint 

and this one was defo showing off, as you can see from the picture

Photo Credit - Wekha Monica Jackson



Nkhotakota District, and we are at Stimma Inn, about 5 kms

from Nkhotakota Boma via Stambuli Street.

Photo Credit - John Kisebe Mpakani



This is Capemaclear somewhere in the big rocks on the waters of Lake Malawi. I took this picture and thought it was amazing. Swimming, snorkeling & taking pictures around these rocks is simply beautiful, the waters are so clear & fresh.

Photo Credit - Nita Divalicious



Thuchila Forest Lodge Mulanje... A beautiful spot for a braii or picnic

and not too far from Blantyre

Photo Credit - Saira Crawford



View of the Mantchewe falls from somewhere in the forest - Livingstonia, Rumphi

Photo Credit - Chifundo Jean Khokwa




I could literally hear and see the storm coming towards me and tried to capture it with a picture. No filters or anything and I think it looks like someone painted this image

Photo Credit - Rosebill Satha-Sambo



Beautiful reflection of palm trees in Mangochi. I just love such reflections.

Photo Credit - Peter Jason Makwana



Don't remember where I took this one....It was in my malawi album

Photo Credit - Louise Tendai Mugabe



Still one of my all time favorites showcasing the beautiful Lake Malawi.

Photo Credit - Zikani Grant



The Yellow Fever Trees beautifully paraded just as you drive into Mangochi town from Liwonde. This is so amazing

Photo Credit - Yohane Mwanavuri Kabwilo




Beautiful sunset over the Shire river at Mvuu Camp - Liwonde National Park

Photo Credit - Saira Crawford



I do believe that here in Malawi we have amazing places lets be proud to show

the world what we have.

Photo Credit - Hastings Kamzingeni-Zulu



Malawian kid chilling on a canoe like a boss

Photo Credit - Albert Keith Kamanga



Kasungu National park. Sunset watching is one of amazing tourism experiences. And it requires a special spot to accompany this experience. Black Rock is one of such spots. Located at less than 13 kms from Lifupa lodge. The top of the rock provide an amazing view of the park; The beautiful miombo woodland, small marshes (Dambos) and towards the beginning of dry seasons animals can be seen drinking in small water hole.

Photo Credit - Mulewa Issa Glory



I took this picture the when I stayed at The Makokola Retreat in Mangochi and went snorkeling on the bird island. One of my favorite spots in Lake Malawi 

Photo Credit - Rosebill Satha-Sambo




I took this picture of a fishermans canoe with Fresh Chambo in it sometime back while on a boatride on Lake Malawi. This is the cheapest way to buy Chambo before it gets to the shore, as in amazingly so cheap. When you see canoe fishermen while having your good time on the lake stop them coz you will afford to buy even a full canoe of them all.

Photo Credit - Nita Divalicious



Sunrise in Cape Maclear en-route to Senga Bay by boat

Photo Credit - Amy Carroll



It is a very beautiful city given the fact most of are places are still in their natural state. The photo exposes the "wow" look of part of Area3 and Area2 and further. The buildings and trees are beautifully mixed and this makes it so amazingly awesome.

Photo Credit - Yohane Mwanavuri Kabwilo




This is how Blantyre is looking this morning. SPICEY!!!!This view was taken from nbm towers overlooking the Blantyre Sports club golf course and sanjika road. It’s a lovely Morning and Blantyre is putting on a SMILE!

Photo Credit - Wilmore Kay




View to the two islands -Beautiful Cape Maclear

Photo Credit - Mamita Marcela Hassam



kamuzu dam malingunde

Photo Credit - Ethel Matupa



I am a lake boy so naturally I have a lot of photos on the lake. 

There's nothing like summer in Malawi. Nothing. This is another one of my all time favorites. We were just leaving Namalenji Island in Salima after enjoying a great afternoon in the water, when Isabel Abobeleira gave us the perfect photo.

Photo Credit - Zikani Grant



A view of Ndirande Mountain from Blantyre CBD at sunset

Photo Credit - Siti Charity



Cycling from Likuni to Area 3 in Lilongwe on a cloudy and partly sunny day, this is a view from Chinsapo as you face to the direction of Ngala ya Pakamwa. 

Photo Credit - Dennis So'Favoured Imaan




Greetings from the warmheart of Africa, Malawi. You cant pass chiweta hills without meeting this guys <monkeys>

Photo Credit - Albert Keith Kamanga



Beautiful scenery of the forest close to the Area 18 memorial tower. I can see area 18, the new stadium and a rainy cloud/storm about to pour down. Loved the beautiful scenery.

Photo Credit - Peter J Makwana



Karonga Museum

Photo Credit - Miss Gloria



Bird poop that I took at Livingstonia Beach in Salima. 

Birds do not produce urine, just nitogenous waste in the form of white paste. They use the same opening for pooping, laying eggs and sex. Their poop is said to be good for facials to exfoliate the skin but can be detrimental to car paint.

Photo Credit - Mphatso Martha Kalemba




When my travels took me way down south to Satemwa, this house - Chawani Bungalow fascinated me. When architecture and nature become one.

Photo Credit - Rosebill Satha-Sambo



I have so much passion and love for the usuals/ ordinary. Today I bring you one of the views almost 95% of Malawians wake up to. A Dog and Chicken affair.  These are my friends when am home and I see them daily. Today they were probably on a crop inspection tour. 

Photo Credit - Dennis So'Favoured Imaan



Feeding the African Fish Eagles - Thumbi Island. I have to confess I am in love with this BIRD

Photo Credit - Yohane Mwanavuri Kabwilo



Mulanje hike - have only managed to hike half way as it got steeper I got lazy

and my poor legs couldn't take it anymore

Photo Credit - Ma Mononga



Some Sexy Lizard on some rock in Malawi!!!

Photo Credit - Mphatso Martha Kalemba




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