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Linga Fine Foods & Winery
P.O. Box 2262
Lilongwe 3, 







Friends dropped round?  Feeling stressed? Having a get together? Slow to fall asleep? Any time is Linga-time. Linga Fruit Wine, pure and delicious is an amazing Malawi beverage guaranteed to bring out the bright side. Drink it neat with ice, or as a Spritzer, 1 part Linga to 2 pars Sprite or Soda, share with friends and wait for the compliments.  Have you done any “Lingaring” lately?


So what is the Linga story? Malawi is a country blessed with a superb supply of fresh fruits available throughout the year. What better way for a biochemist to harness the opportunity presented by this abundance than to use his professional expertise to add value and produce fruit wine. Country wine, or fruit wine, is wine produced from fruits other than grapes.


While fruit wine was being made in Malawi for many years as a hobby, commercial country wine was produced during the 1980s by the late Mrs Nyandovi Kerr in Zomba in the purpose- built Mulunguzi Winery using wild Masuku fruits. By the end of the 1980s, Mulunguzi wine production ceased.

Linga, near Kasungu, is the maternal village of the Managing Partner of Linga Country Wine, Dr Timothy Ngwira. Linga means "a Fortress" in Chichewa, so this has overtones of the French "Chateau bottled". Dr Ngwira was introduced to wine making in 1978 by the retiring missionary, late Tom Colvin. He started on a small scale but the product was extremely popular with demand from a wide range of colleagues and friends. Even internationally samples were well received by conference participants from New Zealand, Australia and Alaska USA.



From 1996-2002 the fruit wine production was suspended as Dr Ngwira went to Namibia as a founding head of Food Science and Technology Department at the University of Namibia where among other things he taught Fermentation Technology which included wine making.



Dr Timothy Ngwira


Dr Ngwira also carried out research and published on wine production from Namibian Fruits. Having come back to Malawi in 2002 the wine production was resumed and Linga Fine Foods and Winery was registered as a commercial entity in 2006 and certified by Malawi Bureau of Standards in 2010. (MS 178) . The company is a family partnership.


Our Wines



 Produced from 8 different fresh Malawi fruits and slowly naturally fermented for one to two years in the cool Linga Cellar to give that unique smooth taste. 



Linga fruit wines range from Rosella (Chidede) which produces  a rich beverage reminiscent of sherry or schnapps to a deep ruby Mulberry reminiscent of Pinot Noir to the light fruity White Guava a great  accompaniment to Malawi freshwater fish or pasta.


Linga is primarily  is a happy social drink for every day stress busting but also makes any occasion more special: parties, weddings, get-togethers. It also makes a great gift! 



Our varieties can be enjoyed straight, with ice or even with some soda in the hot season (Linga Spritzer). Linga is available in 750 ml glass bottles with, aluminium ROPP tops. If required, 750 ml with corks can be supplied to special order.

Dr Timothy Ngwira, Managing Partner, brings his academic skills in analytical biochemistry to the production of unsurpassed  high quality distinctive fruit wines.



Happy people share good times while enjoying Linga with Margaret Ngwira


For more details regarding each and every wine type please follow the link - Our Wines



Linga wines are currently found in stores located in the Lilongwe, Ntcheu, Zomba and  Blantyre. Plans are underway to open more outlets in the other areas as demand increases. However, on agreement, we are able to send some to you.



Where can I find Linga Wine?

Lilongwe : Mbowe, Puma 6 Miles, Jacaranda Bwandilo and Gateway Mall, ChrisVan Pacific Mall, Total independence, Lingadzi Inn, Crossroads Hotel, BICC, JohnShop Are 3,
ADL Duty Free
Bunda SCR
Ntcheu Total (Albert)
Mwanza turnoff Kilimanjaro Lodge
Zomba Total Universal
Blantyre Puma Wenela
Mzuzu Grand Palace Hotel


Winery Visits & Enquiries


Wine tasting sessions are arranged on demand  and form a popular part of  Lilongwe social events . Linga Wine tasting is a very happy event and gets more cheerful as the wine flows.



Groups of up to 12 are welcome to visit Linga Winery by arrangement – pre booking is essential.  Current charge is MK4000.  The Programme consists of introductions and a Linga Spritzer,then  networking over Malawi coffee, tea and home baking, then an explanation to the background of the winery and the processes.  Thereafter there is a visit to the wine production and processing areas. Here, visitors sample 4-6  wines-in- process and evaluate them according to several  parameters using both their own preferences and guidelines given in the welcome package. 


This is followed by is a tour of the winery garden and the fruit –producing trees,  Guests may see some of the winery fauna – perhaps a Mongoose or Turacos and certainly the doves fluttering down to the birdbath - peace.  The visit, which lasts about two and a half hours ends with guests enjoying a wide range of wines.

There is then the  opportunity to purchase Linga of your choice at  wholesale prices,.  The winery is located in a tranquil scenic area in Area 3, Lilongwe, close to Lilongwe River. Anyone wishing to participate in wine tasting should contact us.


Linga Wines is also an aword winner - SME award for a unique range of pure fruit wines from Malawi - Africa. Nasme - Malawi SME, Trade Fair.




Do not miss our catch of the month - really lingering and special. Follow and Like our Facebook page in order not to miss it.




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