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Welcome to our Hot Locations


This is a page that will take you to many interesting sites and locations, it being historical, romantic and relaxing in our beautiful Malawi. We will guide you through. Accommodation places and eating places will be highlighted including their rates for easy budgeting.


Malawi is not only the warm heart of Africa, but also the genuinely friendly, safe and in many ways undiscovered heart of Africa – an exclusive destination that is just that little bit different from its better known neighbours.

It’s a place where tourists seem to be travellers. Typically, they are visitors who already know Africa but now seek a more varied and altogether broader experience. In fact, Malawi’s unique selling point is the sheer variety of things to see and do in a comparatively confined area.

Malawi has great and improved parks and reserves (there are nine in total) with a broad and growing range of species, great bird watching, varied climates and interesting topographies.


Malawi’s parks and reserves are growing in popularity – as the number of newly built camps and smart lodges will testify- and overall animal and visitor numbers are rising as a result of efforts by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife and those working closely with the Department.

But wildlife and birds are not the only reasons to visit Malawi. Perhaps like no other nation,


Malawi is a nation dominated by a lake. In fact, Lake Malawi is the third largest in Africa, covers an impressive 20% of the country’s total surface area. It is thought to contain more species of fish – many of them endemic – than any other body of water on Earth.

The main attractions of Lake Malawi are its discreet island hideaway properties, its surprisingly smart lakeside lodges, and the great opportunities to dive, snorkel, kayak, sail and swim in its delightfully warm and crystal- clear waters.


Away from the waters, visitors are attracted by walking and climbing, especially in the Mulanje Massif, with its soaring peaks of up to 3000m, where climbers will find excellent facilities including teams of willing porters. Visitors can also go horse riding and mountain biking.

The Shire Highlands area around Mulanje is the heart of Malawi’s famous tea growing region. Both Mulanje and Thyolo have tea and coffee plantations featuring restored colonial estate houses where guests are treated to old-style service and delicious home cooking.


Then there is the cultural life, which has a higher profile in Malawi than in many other African destinations. Most itineraries drawn up by tour operators will include some aspects of the local culture – the cuisine, the ceremonies and he lifestyle – with opportunities to interact with local people.

In terms of getting around, the national road network has been greatly improved. Journey times have been shortened between Lake Malawi and both Lilongwe and Blantyre as well as to and from the main parks and reserves. This has made itinerary planning more certain allowing tour operators to intensify trips in terms of what to see and do.


Lilongwe and Blantyre, the commercial centre of Malawi, are both easy to get around. The newly developed area of Lilongwe, just north of the Old Town, has been thoughtfully paid out and boasts the country’s first five -star hotel. Blantyre also has many find hotels, geared largely to business visitors.

Whether one is arriving as a tourist or a travelling on business, Malawi is a place that visitors always want to return to; and for those posted to Malawi from overseas, it is a place they don’t ever seem to want to leave.



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