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Grin Bamboo

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The urge to create and the determination of the artist overcome all obstacles


The curio trade is well established in Malawi and has contributed a little to the depletion of many of the fine woods from our indigenous forests. Given that the trade exists, ‘Grin Bamboo’s’ attitude can be seen as a responsible and economical utilization of a scarce resource. Under Natasha’s guidance the carvers have concentrated on quality, miniaturization and originality. Grin Bamboo, has for the last six years been producing carvings from just the one tree felled to make way for a new school block



Travel Malawi Guide paid a visit to Grin Bamboo and learnt that Grin Bamboo was established in 2008, initially to provide recreational outdoor activities for families in form of parks and gardens around the City of Blantyre, Malawi. Currently, Grin Bamboo specializes in the art of rustic wooden furniture in which dead logs and trees are turned into master pieces ranging from shelves, tables, chairs, wine racks, tissue holders, designers plates, or simple rustic pieces for decoration in modern homes hotels and offices. Its shop in situated in CI zoo area in Blantyre Malawi.



Above: Single Wine Rack



Since the beginning of the recent recession business has gone

down a little and she would be

happier with more orders.


Right: Bag/ Scalf Hanger

As with most craftsmen in

Malawi, she relies on simple tools, many of them home-made like his wood-turning lathe made from a few blocks of wood, an old starter motor and driven by a small electric motor.


Much of the production supports the promotion of Big Malawi products and services and currently supplies its creative products in Blantyre and Lilongwe but welcomes opportunities to supply into other areas across the country and abroad.



 These products are designed to bring out the beauty of the natural materials and the artistry of the craftsman. Whether required as ornaments or as useful household items, the objects are sure to become treasured possessions.


Left: Tissue Holder



Grin Bamboo can handle special orders such as wedding ‘favours’, corporate key rings or presentation pen-in-hand sets.




The list is endless, the variety stunning. And, because of the long association with a selectedgroup of carvers, quality and reliable delivery can be assured. Each carver has his own strength and specialty



Above: Tables






Pay them a visit and you will never see the same again.






























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