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The Dominics

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Welcome to The Dominics



The Dominics is a newly built small stylish hotel located in sector 6 of Area 43 in Lilongwe - the Capital City of Malawi.


The Dominics consists of noble, elegant decorated guest rooms which provide warm, comfortable, quiet and beautiful resting environment.





Modern, Spacious and Clean



The Bathroom



We have a wide, clean, and beautiful guest rooms. Some have a charming view of the Sunrise and Sunset on the walkout balconies to offer our guest a different level of luxury


Furthermore, our hotel consists of a restaurant which offers delicious specialties, a business lounge for secretarial services, and leisure facilities like a wellness centre, a swimming pool, an indoor and outdoor bar, all in one complex.



Variety of dishes and cuisine



Dining area.


The Dominics also has well trained and energetic staff thatprovides high-end quality services to make your stay feel that home away from home environment.




We attract both, corporate visitors and leisure customers. Our corporate visitors are mainly local and international businesses, conference or event organizers, HR and management Development executives who use our training venue for professional development.

Our leisure customers on the other hand, consists of local and regional consumers especially those living within an hour or less drive of the hotel. They use our leisure facilities to keep fit in the wellness centre, or rejuvenate on the massage chair, or simply come to enjoy one of our tribute nights in the bar or restaurant






How appealing isour place to potential clients?
We offer ultra-personal service to our clients. We make exceptional, personal five-star hospitality and one of our core values is the daily service mission, which is all about providing outstanding and better quality services to our clients.

We house an outstanding restaurant and have top class chefs that are great with traditional meals (e.g. they are excellent with their signature Chambo dish. They have made it a popular dish that every new customer demands to taste it) and international specialties.  We also have two stylish bars with a variety of drinks including a delectable modern cocktail menu. Our food and beverages are so good that they draw a city-wide crowd.





Ours services are more personalized and enhanced to give our clients a unique experience. Furthermore, we have brought variety and life to our design and décor which sets us apart from the often hotel brand standardized décor, making our hotel an exciting place to visit.





The Dominics is seen to be special by its outstanding service provided to its clients. We believe that every good fortune made needs always needs a good warmth and pleasant way to spend it, such pleasant warmth, class, stylish, lifestyle and affordability it offers to its clients. The Dominics resembles this desire, Hence we provide such guests with unforgettable escapist experience through our amenities.


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