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Captain Daniel Tasauka Ngwira

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Captain Daniel Tasauka Ngwira

Meet Captain Daniel Tasauka Ngwira. He is 35 years old and comes from Rumphi District.  He is currently working as a Master of Vessels with Malawi Shipping Company.



He worked as a seaman for over 11 years but has been working as a captain for the past 7 years. He has vast experience and knowledge about sailing on the beautiful waters of Lake Malawi.


He has worked closely with the female Captain Mponda as a second mate between Monkeybay and Karonga. He is very proud of Captain Mponda’s achievements and has always enjoyed working with her. "One of the things that make her stand out is her personality ", he explained. " This is a male dominated industry but she has paved way and shown that a woman can equally do a good job, very proud of her ".



Captain Daniel Ngwira working with Captain Mponda

Some of the challenges he has meet while sailing on Lake Malawi are manning a vessel (ship) in rough weather. Lake Malawi is beautiful but can also get very rough weather patterns. An example is sailing during the Mwera winds. It is a very challenging task to sail in such conditions. This causes delays and really slows the trips. The distance between Likoma to Nkhotakota is approximately done within 6 hours sailing with the Ilala but in bad weather we have done between 10 -11 hours.


Managing crew members as a team leader is not easy. We all have come from different backgrounds and grew up differently and like to do things in our own ways. When we get on the ship, we all have to work together to safely get from point A to B. It is my duty to make sure I create a comfortable environment for everyone to work together.



Meeting with the team members over breakfast.

Navigating at night with faulty equipment is another challenge. Just like motor cars, ships also get faults. At times this happens while we are miles away and not close to the shore. In this case we have to navigate for hours with faulty equipment to a safe destination. When this happens at night, it is never easy.


Controlling passengers is also a hectic task. We deal with different people and many do not like to be given some direction and restriction on board. Some of these are safety issues but some passengers never understand that.


The most exciting part of my job is when we have safely completed the voyage (trip). Everyone that gets on the ship has a destination. It being for a holiday or business and it is our duty to make sure that destination is reached safely.



Passengers getting on the Ilala



Passengers safely arriving at one of the ports.

Captain Ngwira would love to see many young men join the marine. The job is challenging but also fun. To him, Safety comes first. One fun part is meeting new people everyday but also get to travel and see some of the most beautiful places along the beautiful Lake Malawi.



Beautiful scenery - part of the fun part of the job

When he is not working, he enjoys watching movies and playing soccer. He used to play for MDF Marines soccer team and he is a great supporter for the Big Bullets and Barcelona.





Captain Daniel Ngwira sharing a joke with Captain Mponda during the trip



Insert from left - Captain Mponda, Peter J Makwana representing the Travel Malawi Guide Team and Captain Daniel Ngwira.


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